Actually the only reason why there’s any confusion about what Review Sites are, is because there are so many different types of Sites floating on their corner of the internet. Here are a few examples:

• Blogs
• Specialized small websites for reviews.
• eCommerce sites that carry reviews.
• Other miscellaneous sites with reviews on them.

Basically though, we could sum things up in a single sentence, and it would be: The importance of is inextricably tied to what goes on behind the scene of the marketing world in general!

Does this make sense?

Well if it doesn’t, don’t worry because hopefully this article will shed some light.

First, let’s start at the very beginning, and look at what a customer would normally go through when he or she is interested in buying something online. We all have experienced this same moment when we have purchased items online.

1. Interest Peeked

First of all, a person needs to be interested in something. It could be anything. When someone’s interest is peeked, only naturally they are going to search for the product or service online.

Once the do…

2. Research

They are going to begin researching the item and comparing all the information they have gathered in order to make a solid decision. People go online to grab all the information they can before they purchase anything. People want to make sure the product is a worthy product.

3. Reviews and Review Sites

Do you see how we ended up here. It is no surprise that potential customers look to review sites to provide them with the additional opinions and first hand knowledge that they require. When a customer reads your review of a certain product, if they find it helpful and it ends up clinching the deal for them, most likely they are going to purchase the product.

This is the importance of review sites. As a “Deal Clincher” there are various other associated factors that can tie into the success or failure of the deal just as surely. So while the positioning of the review site is definitely one of its main advantages, is most certainly not the only one.

The power is actually in the review itself!

“What Do People who Read Reviews want to know?”

People want to know one thing, and its INFORMATION. People want to know more information about the product that they are searching for, from the point of view of someone else who has actually purchased the product and is qualified to give their opinion about it. They want to know if the product is outstanding or they want to know if the product simply sucks! Depending on the product this opinion would vary greatly. People want to know from other people information about the product and they want to make sure they aren’t going to get ripped off!


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