Every parent wants their child to learn how to spell words correctly. Children often get introduced to new words in their lessons which they memorize without thinking how words are formed. As a result, they tend to forget the spelling when they need to write it down. They can learn spelling in a step by step method by opting for online spelling tutorials.

Make Learning Fun: Choose Online Tutorials

There are some websites where step by step guidance is given regarding how to spell common as well as uncommon words correctly. Students and their parents can enjoy learning the spellings together. This can make students excel at spelling. Being able to spell correctly helps them a lot when they go for higher studies in universities. It is a fact that many students arrive in colleges lacking Basic English language skills, which include spelling. Many colleges have to conduct special classes for imparting basic English language skills. If children are taught the correct way to learn spelling and memorize it, they will become experts in spelling by the time they are in college.

There are many dedicated websites where how to spell Online Tutorial are available. They have a detailed point by point program where they guide the parents as well as students to learn spellings in a fun and exciting way. These websites have tests, examples and tips for parents to help them make a spelling tutorial of their own. The emphasis is on creating genuine interest among the children by giving them simple tests and puzzles in spellings, where they can win. This boosts their confidence and they are ready to take on more difficult tasks.

Use Unusual Ways To Introduce New Words

The next step is to ask children to write down whatever they can think of about their hobbies. For example, the parent can design a question paper about their child’s favorite hobby, say love for cars. Children unknowingly write down new words and learn to spell them correctly. Parents can teach their children how to spell words by giving them standard tests on spelling so that they know where they stand. The house can be decorated with new words in every corner, maybe on the pillow and on the doors. Children are asked to find the new word for that day and learn its meaning as well as the spelling by the end of the day. Likewise, parents can maintain a chart which shows the progress or achievement of the child in learning how to spell difficult words. They may reward the child after they reach a certain level.

Students can be taught how to spell correctly by introducing them to word families. These families consists of same sounding words like their and there, hair and hare and similar words. They can learn some similar sounding words by making new families like the ‘ack’ family which consists of back, lack, pack, crack and so on. This way they learn to associate the sound of the word to the spelling.

Online spelling tutorials are very interesting as they make your child learn spellings without even knowing that they are learning. The process of how to spell words correctly continues throughout our life as we learn new words every time we read something. Once a strong foundation is laid in learning the basics of spelling, learning new words becomes fun and easy.


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